Hosting parties allow the hosts not only to socialize but also to have lots of fun and revitalize themselves. Parties in the present day seem incomplete without DJ (Disc Jockeys) and their thumping beats which make people want to grove. The main purpose of splurge party expenditures is to ensure that the guests have a great time. What is more enjoyable than tap their feet to the latest Chartbusters or remixes of vintage hit songs? Hence it is important to hire a good DJ at a reasonable price for the success of your party. Sydney is known for amazing nightlife and is home to some of the best DJs in the business. People looking for services of DJ hire in Sydney need to book their preferred DJs in advance as good DJs receives a lot of pre-bookings.

Traditional DJ vs. Mobile DJ

Traditional DJs use turntables, and a lot of equipment which causes their charges to be higher owing to the transport costs and other relevant expenditures. The mobile DJs on the other hand use portable devices like laptops to play the music using various DJ applications available in the market. The mobile DJs are cost effective and can be summoned at the eleventh hour if available which is not the case with traditional DJs. It is recommended to rely on mobile DJs for functions ranking from small to medium scale. It is important to understand personal requirements before seeking a DJ hire service.

Tips for Hiring the best DJ for your function/party

Are you planning a party or function in the coming days? Have a look at the following tips for best DJ hire for the job.

  • First and foremost if you have a specific DJ in your mind, make sure to contact him/her and book him/her well in advance as most of the good DJs are pre-booked and operate on a tight schedule. Last minute lucks do not always work.

  • Make sure that the DJ is credible and delivers his promise. Consulting some previous clients can only help you instill trust towards the DJ. Many DJs skip smaller events if they get better pay or bigger events. Professionalism towards commitment is what sets the best DJs apart from others.

Plenty of options are available in regards to DJ for hire in Sydney hence selecting the best DJ for your event depends on your requirements.

Planning tips for your Mobile Disco

  • Venue selection can go a long way to the success of a mobile disco. Selecting a lone standing venue where sound limits are not applicable can allow the DJ to weave his magic and create a euphoric aura with music.

  • If the venue is located in close proximity to residential areas, having knowledge about the sound limits and other restrictions can prevent unwanted interruptions which spoil the fun of the party. If the DJ is informed about the limitations and restrictions, it is his/her job to play music in accordance with the same.

  • Choice of songs should be clearly instructed to the DJ as he/she will create the playlist accordingly.

Hopefully the information provided here ensures you have a great time at your party.


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